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Abstract of the web site

Destination Plongée presents the best destinations for scuba diving around the world: 76 destinations on 5 continents, with a comprehensive and faithful description of 677 diving sites. A selection of 75 hotels, diving centers, cruise boats or restaurants has been made, and are proposed with many links. All ratings are strictly impartial: the primary goal of the web site being to promote high quality diving and impeccable service. Enjoy your diving...

The web site in details

  • bilingual English / French web site
  • 76 destinations on 5 continents
  • 677 diving sites fully described
  • Many diving centers, hotels and cruise boats have been visited and are rated here
  • Direct links for a quick contact or reservation
  • Links toward lots of other destinations and web sites dedicated to scuba diving
  • A mailing list to be informed when additions and updates are made

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